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I travelled before, but this, a nomadity (new word alert!) is first time for me. I'm heading out (yeah, out…!) with a backpack, few thousand rupees and lots of thoughts. I don't have any idea where will I go, what will I do and how will I do this. I'm just hitting road.

It all started in my last trip to Varanasi (Oct, 2017). I was staying in Hostelavie, met solo travellers, backpackers, budget travellers. Listening to their stories made me think, "Why don't I do this?" but little did I know my mind would take that thought so serious, makes me decide resigning my job and start writing this… So here I'm, sitting on my bed, inking (computerized version - typing) these random thoughts of a journey to be with no plans.

The only plan I had was to quit my job and start travelling, other than that, no plans.

Actually it happened like this. After seeing backpackers in Varanasi, I felt the intense urge to travel. My mind started demanding and I decided(!) to go with the mind, but where to? That my mind didn't have any answer. So, it became clear that this will not be a trip but an exploration, that too an unplanned one. Then the other question arose, money? (obviously!) You know what? My mind didn't have answer for this also (stupid mind or stupid me?).

What about money?

Yeah. I also asked exactly same question, but my mind asked me do I need money? This time my mind's question sounded valid (!!?). Do I need money?

Do I need money? Why do I need? What actually the need is?

I became philosophical with that one question, it produced few more questions instead of answers, it started to give my journey a new perspective, a new control, a new perception and a reason - to find the answer.

So, I'll travel and try to find the answers...

Unplanned Expedition!

This website, is another unplanned decision (adventure). I was reading some article online and suddenly GoDaddy's ad popped up saying something about .in domains. My mind, as a digital marketer it is, started wondering; Why was this ad shown to me? How did I became their target? Why? And it decided to check GoDaddy's website, but the screenplay changed inside that website. My mind, as fickle it is, forgot the only reason why it was there and started checking for new domain ideas.

That's where it struck! Unplanned Expedition. A website to document my journey, a blog to write what I get with this journey. My mind was like a kid have a toy in front of it, if you ask that kid to take decision you will always end up buying the toy. That's what happened, I bought the domain name and the hosting (both from GoDaddy), installed WordPress and started this website.

But after that, after both the domain name and hosting are expired, and after losing the little data I had on this site, now I'm back with brand new website. This time in Wix.

Thank you for reading.

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