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Updated: Mar 23, 2019



That's my name. I'm a learner by default and a vegan by lifestyle. A multi-profession guy. I'm a traveler, teaching meditation on the way.

Meditation is my first addiction, followed by reading, exploring, thinking and imagining (I do write too, but it comes with reading I guess!). A nature lover.

I started reading in very small age (at least, for me) and got addicted to it. The addiction came because of my imagination, thinking and curiosity. All these were satisfied by reading (still do). Funnily I was not towards writing, in fact avoided it in every possible way. I guess I was lazy, I loved reading, not writing. I was against writing home works, notes, even exams (who don't! But I was too much). But, as a reader, I grown up with more books than people.

It was like this, one day I came to know about meditation and started practicing it. All of a sudden, reading stepped down from my top priority, meditation was seating there. It became a deeper addiction quick and it still is my number one priority.

This, meditating took my ability to experience to a new extreme that made me want to express. As an introvert, non-social guy, I started to express it to myself. Hence started to talk with my mind. It responded and now, we both (my mind and I) have a wide variety of topics to discuss on a daily basis.

Well, as there were two of me to experience, I pushed myself to extreme by meditating for an hour. It was, I didn't know the word then, a bliss. And that bliss was dangerously addictive. Meditation enhanced my senses, it gave me power to ask, helped me to identify difference between asking and questioning. It shaped the person I'm now.

As days passed (years, actually), it happened.

You eventually become who you adore. I adored creators, artists in particular. Yes, I started to write, sing, talk and even teach. But mostly write because words influenced more.

Writing, I didn't write to express anything, tell anything, but to respect the language. I started to write with no mistakes, I started to use all the grammar I learnt. I tried to replicate what I read. It was just me, enjoying with the newfound passion of words.

I used to read what I wrote as a stranger, a third person. It was fun, helped me to self-critique and improved both my writing and critique skills which I didn't know I had.

Fast forward to this day, I write, proofread, edit.

I started reading when I was 8, meditating at 10, writing, speech at 12 and haven't turned back. I'm 28 now by the way.

Wow! I didn't know I could write this much about myself.

Thanks for reading.

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