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I'm back (patting my own back!)

Yes. I have a valid reason for patting myself, I'll tell you below. Before that, welcome to my website and thanks for coming here. To navigate in this site, the menus are on the left side.

This website is my ongoing journey to places, times, depths and dimensions. Did I confuse you? I'm sorry, I'll explain.

I've started this website more than a year ago when I quit my day job to travel. I was so enthusiastic in the start, but couldn't keep it. Didn't update the website just after three articles, I was totally caught up with my travel. I didn't do anything with this site really.

Yep. I know it's a failure, not an accomplishment. To add to this, I didn't update any of my social media presence associated with this site, even after I came back, completing (more like in-completing) my 104 days and 8 states journey. I ignored.

I didn't commit to what I started. I failed.

You know what, I didn't do anything on the website and eventually my hosting and domain name expired. Luckily I renewed the domain name but not the hosting. All the data (there was something) from the old website was lost, and I was responsible.

Now, almost three months later, I'm writing this, in a brand new website, as a welcome page for you. I'm committing now. That's why, the self-pat.

Okay, I'll tell you what's this site about. This was started as the web front of my discussion with my mind. Yes, you read it right. I talk with my mind all the time, most likely, my mind talks with me all the time (Introvert!)

When I was working as a digital marketing officer in a pharmaceutical company, just before this journey, I got myself into a discussion with my mind. It was a question my mind asked, about money. Yes, it asks me and I answer. Well, I try to answer.

The question was, "Do I need money for living or surviving?" Shoot!

I know, tricky. It always asks the tricky ones. Always.

To answer this question I had to clearly define all three elements in it. 'Money', 'living' and 'surviving' but hey I had no clarity about 'need' too which meant I had to start with 'need'. That's the moment I exclaimed, "What have I gotten myself into!" The question seemed to me as the one with no answer. I recalled everything, whatever I knew or I thought I knew till that moment to find some answer because I was not ready to say, "I don't know" even to my own mind (too much ego!). Yet, did I get the answer? No. Whatever I thought I knew didn't help me, I just didn't know (Do I know now? Be with me, you'll see. That's what this site about).

I accepted I didn't know.

The mere awareness of the fact that I didn't know sparked something. It led me to another dimension of life. A new dimension, like an astral projection. I saw my life, my own life that I thought I knew a lot, from a distance, as a third person (or as a zeroth?)

What I saw was chaos. Even though I thought my life was peaceful and I was calm, no. It looked confusingly chaos from that distance. I was just fighting with nothing to achieve nothing. It looked completely meaningless, ridiculous.

[Well, I was a multi-directional guy, I had no definite career, no job satisfied me. I had no particular lifestyle except for my learning addiction, meditation and love for travel.]

Coming back, I saw a deeper question to be answered, "What do I know?" turned out, not an easy one to answer. That's when, all of a sudden, my mind suggested me something. Yes, it came up with an idea 'Travel'. Yay! It's very rare that we both were in same page. We both liked to travel. I liked this idea, said yes.

I love travel. New places, new people, new environment, new experiences and new everything. New places to meditate, read, new cultures to understand, new cuisines to taste. I can go on. That moment, my mid stopped me. We were not in the same page, the pages were just similar! I hadn't listened to the complete idea yet.

The idea, was not just traveling, but an unplanned one! Yeah, travelling with no plans.

"Are you serious?" I asked my mind, did it answer? No. It asked me back, "Do you have better idea?" Well, as a matter of fact, I didn't. So, for a second opinion, I looked at the mirror. The guy other side nodded 'yes' and hence this journey had begun.

Yes, this 'Unplanned Travel' started. A backpack, a DSLR and a laptop in it (I was about to write on the go which I didn't), few clothes, dry fruits, basic toiletries, and a lot of places to travel. This journey started.

Did I find what I was looking for? That's what this site is all about. I write what happened I the coming posts.

You may have a question still, "Who is this (dramatic) guy?" Yes, I'm a guy. Well, I've tried to tell that here.

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