The why



You sit, close your eyes and start your journey towards your core. Your going inside. You are moving in a different, but natural dimension. You are not alone, you are taking your mind with you.


It might be a journey of enlightenment for you, but for your mind, it's a picnic.

Remember, your mind is your child. It follows you, it grows by imitating your actions.

Now, back to meditation. You started the journey by closing your eyes. You are in shock, confusion because you are seeing a lot of things even with your eyes closed. It disturbs you, but it instills a strong curiosity in your mind.


"What's this 360° screen playing all the time? Is it the outer world I'm seeing?", You ask yourself. No. It's not the outer one but your own world. Inner world. The unique cosmos YOU created. That's where you are traveling now. It might look new to you and your mind because you haven't visited it before, at least in not in your conscious state (Yes. You were here before unconsciously, in dreams. It's the same place).


Tell me, what happens when you take your kid to a park? Kid wants to roam, explore each corner and see what's there. Here's your mind doing the same thing. It is curious, wants to know everything. It wants to be free and explore everything on its own.


As a parent with kid in the park what will you do? Obviously, you'll restrain your kid by wandering around the unknown place. But what if, the park is your own? There's nothing to fear. You can let your kid roam while you relax on a bench somewhere, right?


Now, should you control your mind while you are meditating? Is there a reason to be afraid? The park you brought your mind is your own creation. A unique cosmos. Moreover, there's a big screen, playing real time video of the activities of your mind. Let your mind roam, explore, it'll come back once it gets tired and excited. You can just sit there and rest while your mind roams.


While your mind wanders, you see everything from where you are sitting. You notice that all those figures are fast moving, random and confusingly too much. It's because your mind is that fast. But when your mind returns, what will it do? Just like an excited kid, it tells you everything it saw. You get bored and come out of meditation. Done for the day.


What happens next is the beauty of meditation. Your mind is eager to return to that place, it starts to urge you meditate again. You will not miss even a single day. Isn't is nice? Wait, there is more. By NOT controlling your mind but letting it roam, you gained it's complete attention. It won't say NO to you if you keep practicing this. Just like your kids.


Now you can teach your mind whatever you thought difficult (yes, even mathematics). By not controlling your mind, you achieved a control over it.


I agree, it doesn't happen in a day. But it's a start that gives you a boost.


I'll write more about detailed meditation process, techniques and the follow-able practices for mind control in coming posts.

Until then, let's meditate.

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