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This site is about my journey to places, times, depths and dimensions. The one thing that is with me is my meditation.


When I look back in my life, most of my memories are associated with either reading or meditation. I don't know why and how I was introduced to meditation, but I always remember the blissful experiences meditation gave me.


It was and is with me wherever I go. Whatever I do. This post is to say thank you to those who invented, wrote, taught about meditation. Thank you.


Meditation helped me in a lot of ways, it has taught me so many lessons. It shaped me the person I'm now and it's the addiction I'm not willing to come out of.


Why am I writing this now?

As the new year starts with setting resolutions usually, I have a kind of resolution for this year, to make more people meditate.

  • Those who have regular meditation in their list - commit to it.

  • Those who don't have it in list - add it.

You'll thank yourself later.


If you want to meditate, first thing, is to start. Yeah, find a place to sit, don't bother about the noise. Sit there, breathe slowly and breathe fully (yes, fully). Now, close your eyes, breath in, feel your lungs. Exhale everything and feel your whole body. Repeat it for few times. Open your eyes.


You just started meditating. Congratulations.


It's now time to plan for your future meditation sessions. What you did is to give a taste of the refreshment to your brain, it'll ask for more.


I'll be writing about meditation techniques I've learnt and help you commit to your regular meditations. Coming days, I'll give the details of meditation I do and will help you plan your daily sessions. I'll tell you how to stick to your regular meditation, without giving any excuses. Stay tuned.😊😊😊



Now, know some facts about meditation.

☑️ Your mind tends to roam AFTER you find your concentration. So, if your mind is roaming, it means that you are doing well.

☑️ You loose your concentration usually when you exhale. So, next time be a little careful.

☑️ The more you think about how long you are going to meditate, the more you get disturbed while meditating.


Let's meditate then...

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