The mind

Mind, the most underestimated part of us, has the similar characteristics of water. Just like water, it takes any shape without losing its ownity (new word alert). You pour water in any container, it takes the shape of the container. May it be of any shape. But, does it compromise in any other things than shape? No. It doesn't alter its characteristics, doesn't shrink or expand. It just accepts and takes the shape of where it is. What else? It overflows if the size of container is smaller, it leaks if the container has other openings. Nothing can stop it. Why? Because flowing is it's the most ownity.


Isn't it wonderful? It accepts any place offered and takes any shape but doesn't lose its ownity. As is our mind. Almost similar.


Mind takes the shape we give ourselves, it moves with us, but doesn't lose its characteristic of fluidity. You can contain the mind but can not stop it from flowing.


Like water, our mind also has the ability to receive anything and everything comes its way. It is also as fragile as water, just a touch disturbs it and creates ripples.


If these are the comparisons, there is some uniqueness to the mind. Unlike water which is H2O where ever you go, mind is not the same for everyone. Each one of us have a unique mind that can only be understood by us. A special mind that can only be at our disposal. A wonderful mind that can only be raised by us.


Now, let's see how we can understand our mind. We have been using comparison as our way of understanding things mostly.


Consider a bowl of water, or a pond. If something touches the water, even just a contact on the surface, the water gets disturbed. A series of ripples form, originating from the point of contact. This series of ripples are always concentric. How beautiful is it! Waves after waves, in circles, concentric. It happens for a while, and the ripples disappear. Is anything changes in the water? No. It's the same water.


Now, let's expose the water to multiple such touches or contacts. Each contact creates a similar disturbance, you'll see ripples originating from each point of contacts. So scattered, isn't it?


It's similar with our mind too. When it receives a new information, may it be a sense, feel or thought, it gets disturbed. That new information creates a series of ripples in our mind which lasts for a while. We call these ripples 'short time memories'. It's like a song you hum involuntarily or a thought you are lost…


If, the mind receives multiple information at a time (which happens always!), each of those sense, feel and thoughts disturb the mind by creating their own ripples, short time memories. It's like talking over phone while watching television, thinking about the dinner tomorrow and the pending work in office at the same time. That's when we say 'I can't concentrate'.


Let's go back to the water. How do you stop the waves? How do you stop the ripples? Scatter? We have three ways;

  • Wait till the waves are gone naturally. You need to make sure nothing disturbs while it happens.

  • Apply an external force to bring all those centers of ripples to one point. Application of sound or vibrations from both the directions does the trick.

  • Create a new, bigger ripple that vanishes all the old ripple present. It can be done by either introducing a new force at the centre big enough to create a universal wave, or stirring the water around the centre.


In case of our mind, it's pretty much similar. To calm our mind, we can do these;

  • Wait till it gets calm, all naturally. To make sure there is no disturbance while it calms down, we can rest, meditate or sleep.

  • Divert the mind's focus to the centre by the use of an external influence - sound. By listening to the sounds of different frequencies, all those scattered thoughts settle in the centre and hence no scatter.

  • Start a new, bigger thought that dominate the whole mind to stop the scattered waves. This, is the most popular, usual way we use.


Let's see those methods to calm our mind next.

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